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Thank You For Your Reviews!

Joanna Petit-Frere 
President of Visage 1 Studios

"One of the most amazing life coach I've worked with. Coach Nancy is truly a gift and she remained supportive along the whole journey."

Monieke McNeil
CEO Upclose with Moniek McNeil

"Nancy Is an amazing coach and a powerful source of support. Looking forward to having her on our future events."  

ShaRon Lovett
Volunteer Resource Coordinator, PBIS Lead. Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, DeKalb RYDC.

"Nancy, is the Chairperson of our Advisory Council and an active Volunteer at (Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice), DeKalb Regional Detention Center, a multi-faceted facility that serves the state`s justice-involved youth up to age 21. DJJ volunteers work diligently to redirect and shape the young lives in the agency`s care, so they can take responsibility for their delinquent conduct as well as become contributing members of society. At the same time, DJJ seeks to protect the victims of crimes so that they can rebuild their lives.  Nancy is a vital part of our facility volunteers, she is always willing to assist and lead programs offered at the facility. She also translates to the Hispanic parents when we have special events.  Both parents and youth enjoyed having her. Can’t wait to have her come back to share her story."

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